see Masshole,team or group of fans highly associated with the act of choking or being total losers.
Joe..see that mouthy loser Boston Red Sox fan over there?He's a real Masshole!
by oklahoma April 13, 2008
Top Definition
only team in history to come back from 0-3 in the playoffs like pimps to beat the yankees.
The Boston Red Sox pimps ho's.
by Brian Jaz August 02, 2005
The new team bandwagoners love to cheer for.
I've never seen so many Boston Red Sox fans in South Philly.
guy number 1: I've loved this team a long time, they are the greatest
guy number 2: Did you see what happened to them in 2003, or even worse in 85?
guy number 1: Nope. Did they have a team in 85...that's nice
by baseball guru February 27, 2006
A baseball team that kicks asss
"the red sox kick ass"
by Chris May 07, 2005
The worst and most annoying team in the American League, they think they're tight because they beat the Yankees in '04 but hey, let's look at who has more rings, more pennants, more MVP's, more HOF's, more history, and a better payroll, plus, more well shaved!
Q: Why did The Boston Red Sox build seats over the Green Monster?
A: So Bucky Dent could find his home run balls.
by Tigersfan09 June 06, 2009
The most hypocritical team in baseball. "Yankees are overpaid". Is the most hypocritical statement that a red six fan can say. Their fucking payroll is right under the Yankees so I guess they're overpaid cocksucking monkeyfucking pussys who have only 7 world series rings as a franchise . Yogi Bera has fucking 10 himself!! And the franchise has 27 and its younger than the red sox so I guess the Yankees are better. Plus New York's a more important state. Go Yankees!!!!!!!
The boston red sox are heterophobes and suck gorilla dick
by The last name meadows is gay July 09, 2011
a shitty ass team with shitty ass players. they are also known for making up some BS curse just because they sucked so bad. also they think they are better than everyone even though they are horrible. also they got pwned by the tampa bay rays
aw man im on the boston red sox, they suck balls!!!
by cam7 October 18, 2008
I told you's (did i tell you guys) look at my post i put in september
HAHA Yankee fans i guess that's another waste of over 200 million dollars
by some polak November 01, 2004
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