Two guys fucking a chick, one in the mouth and one in the ass. Looks like a rotisserie chicken from Boston Market.
I really don't feel like DPing this chick because I don't want our balls to touch. Let's pull a Boston Market instead.
by Worldsmostdangerousairport June 07, 2011
Top Definition
Makes the best f**king chicken ever... Magically makes it taste good.. But wait! They make EVEN BETTER mashed potatoes!
Damn this chicken tastes soo good, it must be from Boston Market
by buggy424 April 07, 2008
The act of taking a nasty dump in a toilet then whipping with a ton of toilet paper filling up half the toilet. Then realizing you have to shit once more and shitting on top of all that paper and whipping once more till the toilet is flooded with toilet paper and shit.
Fuck this asshole who took a Boston Market in the toilet i go a nasty surprise cleaning it out half way through.

I just took the biggest Boston Market in that toilet.
by The Boston Marketer March 27, 2015
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