A school that fails two fold. It's not even in Boston, therefore making is inferior to Boston University, and a Catholic school that doesn't even hold a candle to Notre Dame.

BC Students can be spotted wearing light blue J.Crew polos with popped collars carrying around a Super-Mocha machiatto latte. Also may be spotted with oversized 24 karat gold cross, to promote their fake Catholicism. Often heard bragging about how much better their sports teams are than the teams of Notre Dame and BU, while BU's hockey team alone has more championships than BC Football, Basketball, and hockey. I haven't even added Notre Dame's rings yet.
BU Student: Where's your beanpot? Or your national championships?


BU Student: go pop your collar asswipe.
by Derek31189 February 11, 2009
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Not a college, but a university and not located in Boston, but just outside. A prestigious Jesuit institution that has one of the most beautiful college campuses. It is very competitive, and is referred to as BC for short.
Student 1: I'm so excited I got into BC!
Student 2: Whatever...I'm going to Boston University.
Student 1: Really? Sucks to B.U.!
by Homie D September 20, 2004
Boston College is a school that is small enough so that walking around you always run into people you know, but large enough so that there are always new people to meet. BC is a great school, located in a great location, and although there are a few spoiled rich kids at BC, you realize that there is also a good number of stand up people at BC. BC has a stong academic background, good athletics (minus their amazing choking ability), and an underrated party scene.

And for the record I didn't apply to Notre Dame, nor did I ever have a desire to spend 4 years in bumblecrap Southbend.
"BC is losing to Syracuse?"

"Syracuse? But Temple beat Syracuse! Temple!"

"Let's go back to the mods"
by BCDubs May 08, 2005
a place with gothic architecture, where jesuits and other freakishly intelligent people try to teach collar-popping, plex-obsessed, hopelessly drunk and self-centered rich folks' kids. just kidding. that only applies to about 90% of the bc population.
boston college isn't that bad.
by veryhappychica December 29, 2004
The school with the most Fulbright Scholars in the U.S. (take that Harvard, MIT, Georgetown, and Notre Dame)
Sucks to B.U.! - Boston College's Fulbright Scholars
by BUTool September 27, 2006
A fantastic university in Massachusetts. Haters can go fuck themselves.
"Blah blah blah blah Notre Dame is better than Boston College blah blah Charlie Weis blah blah Jimmy Clausen blah blah Rudy."

"What? I couldn't hear you because you were being too much of a douchebag."
by 7620 November 08, 2007

A prestigious university located right outside of Boston in beautiful, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Also known as BC. Boston College is likely the most academically and athletically well rounded school in the country: ranking in the top forty for academics and high in the top twenty five for every major sport and even some club sports. The students at Boston College are smart, athletic, and attractive. BC often gets a bad rep for preppy, rich, popped collar wearing pricks. While these students exist, they are in the minority and nobody hangs out with them anyways. This reputation likely originates from jealous students at other universities. Students at Notre Dame, a very similar university, put too much faith in Notre Dame’s slightly better rank on most lists of the top academic schools, and now are stuck in the middle of a corn field with nothing better to do then hate on BC. Students at Boston University think they have a rivalry with us, but this is impossible because they don’t have any sports teams. These BU students likely hate on BC and make comparisons to our school because of rampant feelings of inferiority circulating throughout their “campus”. The students at BU pay the same tuition as the students at BC, however this does not make them our equals; the BU students are inferior to BC students in almost every way (namely intelligence, appearance, athleticism, and personality). Students at BC rarely hang out with students at BU and those who do are mainly misguided freshmen who make the mistake of going to a BU frat party (which are all terrible: less booze, more baggage, and a whole lot of ugly chicks), and who will likely never return to BU again. Students at BU are not welcome at BC because they are annoying and obsess over BC, feebly trying to bash BC at every opportunity. The BC – BU relationship is confined to three times a year when we play them in hockey. Usually at some point during BC home hockey games versus BU, the BC fans get fed up with the BU fans and start chanting “safety school”. This is mean but it is also true. The majority of the Massachusetts natives at BC used BU as their safety school. Hopefully, eventually, the BU students will catch on and stop bothering us. Both of these schools hate on BC on a regular basis, however, BC rarely bothers to defend itself. We are more mature than that, and we are too busy partying, and attending sporting events against teams we play on more than a semi-regular basis (like Duke, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Florida State).
Student at BU/Notre Dame: Where do you go to school?
Student at BC: I go to Boston College.
Student at BU/Notre Dame: LOL ROFL OMG WTF BC SUCKS, {insert school} IS SO MUCH BETTER {insert petty insult}.

Student at BC: Where do you go to school?
Student at BU/Notre Dame: I go to BU/Notre Dame.
Student at BC: Oh, Ok. Well I’m going to go pre-game for the basketball game and then later I’m going to a party on Comm Ave where I will probably make out with a hot freshman chick.
by Calspeaksthetruth December 29, 2005
Not a college, but a university and not located in Boston, but just outside. A prestigious Jesuit institution that is very competitive, and is referred to as BC for short.
Student 1: I'm so excited I got into BC!
Student 2: Whatever...I'm going to Boston University.
Student 1: Really? Sucks to B.U.!!
by WorD October 14, 2004
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