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Something that weak ass bitch niggas do. Bop & gossip like their ratchet female associate species does. More than likey spreading false information, because they can't have what they want.
When a nigga can't handle being turned down by a female in a respectable manner, they feel the need to bossip telling lies to their little dick ass friends who will spread that shit everywhere making the female WHO DID NOTHING WRONG look bad.
by A Bay Hitta December 21, 2013
Gossip via blog(s) when people talk about celebrities and whatnot
(On a blog)
Person 1:"Did you hear the latest about Sritney Bpears!!?"
Person 2:"Yea!!! I canNOT believe it!"
Person 3:"What happened?!!"
Person 4:"Stop bossiping and LEAVE SRITNEY ALONE!"
by A Collins February 29, 2008

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