A small membered hillbilly that has fathered at least one of his living brothers or sisters.
Hey son, stop hitting on me! I'm your mother and you don't want to end up a bossman!
by ulikedatmofo? May 24, 2010
A slave driver boss who only promotes women who pay him good 'lip service'
Workin' all day for the bossman, workin' for the company
by Gumba Gumba July 12, 2004
vrb. bossman
- a synonym for the male genetalia, slang for penis; used as an insult, retort, or exclamation
1. "I love Hilary Duff she's just like the coolest ever!" "SUCK ON BOSSMAN!"
2. "Have you met bossman?" "Err.." *whips out penis*
by catterpilr December 12, 2005
The roughest, toughest, badass badman outta West Palm Beach, FL. A.K.A. Miki Daibee, he chills with Khiladi and is GYANGSTA FI LIFE
Every time ya see he come around, say Bossman!
by Khiladi April 15, 2005
boss man:
A term used to explain if something, if just "so cool" and you can't take it!
This is also a term you could use and put other words in front of it.
"That is so boss man!"
"Oh my god boss dog!"
boss chip
boss women
boss shirt
boss song
boss you
boss water
boss band
by JADE*** afi February 10, 2005
A person who thinks they're too cool or important, but really aren't...

Someone who's laughed at because they assume they're a boss or an important figure!

An actor, fake, flaw ass nicca in the hood.
Black: What's up Dee!

Dee: What's up boss man - with a weird/devilish grin*
by iit_iis_what_iit_iis March 09, 2009

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