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Something inherently boss, amazingly great, and/or
exceptionally good.

That movie was pure boss sauce.

Last night with Tina was saturated in boss sauce.
by Robinson Woodward November 15, 2007
the most amazing, dope, crunk, sweet jam ever... could be art, music, poetry, dance, smiles, etc...anything that is (or anyone that is) or does, that is beyond awesome
"Yo, that show was boss sauce...String Cheese Incident killed it"
by cassidyG September 03, 2013
The physical manifestation of sheer awesomeness.

Alternative Definition - When your boss gets really mad at and starts yelling at you and spit gets on your face from them yelling so hard.
(Observer #1) - Wow, that guy is badass. Look at how he commands the world.

(Observer #2) - Ya, he really has the Boss Sauce spread on thick.


My boss was so pissed at my screw up....I'm covered in Boss Sauce from that toungue lashing.
by Bond, James Bong January 16, 2013
Boss Sauce a.k.a. Jiz, ejaculit, spermies, spunk, etc...
a term usually used after sperm expulsion at the end of a ruff down to business sex session where the female experiences multiple 'o-faces'
- what'd you do last night?
- straight bone-fucked the girl last night and spackled that ass with my boss sauce

- boundaries dude...boundaries.
by Champ-tastic December 06, 2010
a combination of cinnamon and butter, commonly called cinnamon butter. This is what sustains the bosses.
I bet that boss chugs 5 gallons of boss sauce a day.
by mitch s. June 15, 2008
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