~!$BOSSHOGGIN$!~ is the adjective for anything really clean or cool.
Damn, you look bosshoggin in that car.
by good c 101 January 17, 2010
Top Definition
To be Boss Hoggin would be to mirror the traits of "Boss" Hogg who was the wealthiest man in Hazzard County. As his name would imply, Hogg was incredibly greedy. The character was to be the personification of the Seven deadly sins. Boss Hogg would stop at nothing to get his hands on more money, including executing many nefarious and criminal schemes.
im up before the sunrise, pullin out my supplies, i got hustle in my eyes, cant let the cash die, im boss hoggin on low chasin my stacks, whether weed or cd's or keys or crack.
by rk03 March 24, 2007
Chillin with no worries cause everything is taking care of.no worries.You got everything you need and you dont need anything.Chill mode.
It my day off got done running my errands, now im Boss Hoggin' for the rest of the day
by djadamwells July 12, 2011
When one makes claims that are completely beyond their pay grade.
Is my girl boss hoggin again?
by The Dean of Aviation March 09, 2010
The act of hogging anything as if you were the boss of a company, store, ect.
Also referring to the act of theivery.
by l337 g4ng$+3r May 26, 2003
It is a bet between friends. Maybe for like $20 or so. When you go to the club you see who can get laid by the fattest chick. Who ever gets the fattest chick wins.
Last night was crazy, me and the boys were at the club boss hoggin and them hoes were all over me, just cant get them off.
by Isenegger a.k.a Shuga Shaft May 12, 2005
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