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Someone who is better than you at everything and in every way.
Damnn, shaoty a boss ass bitch.
by Hugh jazz September 15, 2013
An independent queen whos working for everything shes got and is too hot to trot. Excels in everything she does and does it better than everyone else. Not someone to be messed with; might be little but is pretty ripped.
Oh so he thinks he can get away with being a douche? He clearly doesn't know he's messing with a boss ass bitch.
Sarah is a boss ass bitch.
Cuz im a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch...
I got an A on my exam, you know why? Cuz im a boss ass bitch.
I just signed two leases, you know why? Cuz im a boss ass bitch.
by bossassbitchesboss December 08, 2013
Molly Weasley
'Molly Weasley called Belltrix a bitch then vaporised her, she's such a boss ass bitch'
by Thatpunkgirl94 June 26, 2016
An old lady whose feminine perfume of sweat does all that jazz and wherever her ass moves she doesn't care. She plays around(your sight of what she makes) like a boss. Being a boss ass bitch requires mind blowing.
-She is so sweet that you can't tolerate.
-C'mon Eileen! She's a boss ass bitch.
by coolicecream August 28, 2015
An ignorant female who thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. She has the common belief that she can "whoop" some ass with little to no effort when in all actuality, she cannot and has her sugar daddy or little brother do it for her.
Ashley sure thinks she's a boss ass bitch.
by CreepyGothChick July 05, 2014
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