The most dangerous band to ever come from Texas. Made up of 4 completely insane drug addicts; Scott Wood, Donnie Hart, Damon Duperre and Lance Williams, they were high quality musicians despite the fact that they did enough drug's to sink a batleship and together they created a sound and energy and that is rarely seen and heard in the music business.

Despite the drug and alcohol use and insanity Boss Tweed was the most professional Texas Metal band of the era and it was not uncommon to see members of band's such as Pantera, Rigor Mortis, Drowning Pool and many others at Boss Tweed gigs. They set the standard by which all Texas metal bands would be judged for decades to come.

Boss Tweed was formed in 1979 and was the first band in Texas to play heavy metal in clubs, concert halls, private parties and anywhere else that would book them. They were known for extreme stage antics including eating wine glasses, running up walls and smashing beer bottles. Legend has it that their rehearsal room in Benbrook Texas was 8 inches deep in broken glass and they were big time tweekers. Especially Damon who has forgotten more about tweeking than any of us will ever know about it.
The groupies claim that swallowing his penis pudding would tweek them out for two days. His spooge was the best dope in town according to them.

It was not uncommon for a Boss Tweed show to begin with 6 men dressed as the Reaper bringing a coffin onto the stage which members of the band would crawl out of. One of more members of the band spilled blood (real blood) on the stage at every gig and it was not staged it just happened. They were banned from every single storage facility in the DFW metroplex for starting fires, knocking walls down, ripping sinks off of walls, smashing toilets and playing at ear-splitting volume. Many bands cover Boss Tweed songs to this day.
Hide the alcohol! Boss Tweed is comming!

The loudest band I ever heard was Boss Tweed.

Boss Tweed with the opening act Sanctuary sold out 500 seats at $5.00 per ticket in Garland Texas on March 16 1984. Blood was spilled and bones were broken and there was violence off of the stage also.
by Mullet Head February 21, 2009
Top Definition
A Texas heavy metal band that was popular in the 80s and consisted of Donny Hart on vocals, Damon Duperre on guitar, Scott Wood on bass guitar and Lance Williams on drums. Boss Tweed has been credited as the origional heavy metal band from Texas opening up the doors for bands like Pantera, Rigor Mortis, and Drowning Pool.
Boss Tweed is playing at the Rock Haven tonight.
by Not Worth A Rats Ass October 06, 2006
A kick ass Texas heavy rock band who wrote and recorded some of the greatest songs ever including "Die You Bitch", "Computer is The Beast", "Burn", "Jacuzzi Murders", "Bronegruppa", "Final Conflict" and "Bow Your'e Heads Or Die".
Boss Tweed recorded "Jacuzzi Murders" in 1984 and released it in 1985.

"Die You Bitch" by Boss Tweed is the greatest heavy metal song ever written.

I went and saw Boss Tweed last night and my ears are still ringing!

The members of Boss Tweed were sent to hell but they got kicked out for having too much fun.
by Not Worth A Rats Ass November 18, 2006
Boss Tweed, a prominent figure of political corruption, was well-known for his scandalous eating habits. At meals, Tweed would measure out exactly three inches from his stomach to the edge of the table. As soon as his stomach touched the table, he knew it was time to stop eating.
Dude, I'm so hungry. I'm gonna eat this meal Boss Tweed style!
by brigonthehezeki April 20, 2009
Pseudo-Southern slang for really good marijuana.
"Son, I was smokin' on some BOSS tweed laz' night, ya done heard what I said?"

"Hellz yeah. Hellllllllllz yeah."
by shintriad March 02, 2007

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