bosnia = best country although i havent been there since 2000 still think its great and yeh i havent seen a black man there either... is there a reason for that?
vdfffrrfffffffsewrrrraftg reee er gr er re ae
by Damir April 05, 2004
the most beautiful country in the world
bosnians are proud to live in their country
by riceater September 05, 2003
Naval term for "Big Old Standard Navy Issue Ass". Term is used for Navy wives with big hips and or butts.
Did you see Gray's wife? That woman's is a bosnia for sure!
by Atomic Johnny March 29, 2005
a country settled by the serbs in the 7th centurie. during the 15th centurie alot of them were converted to Islam. there are also many different ethnic groups from former Yugoslavia living in Bosnia today.
Ethnic groups:
Serb 37.1%, Muslim 48%, Croat 14.3%, other 0.6%
by CrnaStrela August 28, 2005
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