A beautiful, effeminate man. Has strong homosexual connotations. Usually implies selfishness, hysteria, "bitchiness", ingratitude, or shallow-mindedness. From Lord Alfred "Bosie" Douglas, lover of Oscar Wilde.
Jay threw a hissy fit when I told him I wasn't going to pay all his manicure bills - he's such a little bosie!
by Sebastian Bales May 04, 2005
Top Definition
(Alternatively, 'Bosey'.)

Cricketing slang used to refer to the bowling delivery otherwise known as the googly. The term takes its name from the English cricketer Bernard Bosanquet, the inventor of the delivery.
He's a promising young leg spinner with a dangerous bosie.

The batsman was beaten all ends up by that bosie.
by Harland D. Kesnel July 01, 2010
A doric (dialect used in the north east of Scotland) word used to describe a hug or embrace. Derived from bosom.
gie's a bosie

(give me a hug)
by furcoat_noknickers March 21, 2006
Stupid, Not Cool Generally Refering Things Your Parents Do Or Make You Do
"Im Grounded"
"Mann Thats Bosie"
by Lil kim liz July 27, 2006
Retard, Dumbass, Shithead Etc. Etc.
You fucking bosie go curse of Melk
by Drukqs February 26, 2004
an infantile term used by parents when speaking to a pre-school aged child, meaning genitals of either gender
Honey, don't forget to wash your bosie when you take your bath.
by Woody Thomas January 07, 2006
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