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boshing is slang for smashing, spiffing, great. It basically means that you are okay or that the music you are listening to is good etc.
"how are you Jane?" "Me? i'm well boshing!"
by algaLeslison August 30, 2009
The act of dumping an alcoholic drink such as champagne all over your head and face. Done by Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat after winning the NBA championship.
Why was the floor so sticky after the party at 102? All of the boys were fired up and boshing.
by samwise102 November 11, 2013
When a person jumps on a side or following someone else to gain fame; last minute person's decision making choice to join a successful side; thirsty attempt to be famous; playing follow the leader
Like when NBA star Chris Bosh joining(Boshing) the Miami Heats to be under successful superstars Dwayne Wade and Lebron James to claim fame and win a ring.
by Bre Blakes July 08, 2010
the act of smoking out of a gravity bong
hey i wanna smoke? only if we are boshing
by chocolette February 25, 2013
The act of doing bosh, usually achieved by swallowing a small quantity of 'bosh'. Larger amounts are highly recommended by tru-boshman, but advised against by the NHS. A group of boshers seeked help for this affliction by phoning the government help line for bosh, Talk to frank.

Frank however was unable to help, and was quickly overwhelmed with boshyness. Some say where frank failed, boshmen succeed.

He's bloody boshing again!
by Uncle bosh January 24, 2009
The act of throwing snowballs at cars. The term was coined by Michael DeRobertis of Scarsdale, New York, in the early 1980s. The word comes from the sound made when a snowball is thrown at a car, moving or parked. The term stems from the sound created when a snowball makes a direct hit with one of these "drum-like", hollow panels - "BOSH!!!"
Let's go Boshing - Throwing hard showballs, or iceballs and hitting the "drum-like", quarter panels of cars. "Bosh!!!!"
by Reginald P. Ralch February 20, 2007