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noun: a descriptive word commonly associated with the phrase 'Proper Bo'. A compliment. Used to describe something is Good, Ace, Wicked, Spectacular, Amazing etc. Also refered to as Bo-Shank depending on the location the term is used in.
Mate that car is Boshank, is it proper Boshank
by Dave - skiving work January 06, 2004
ace, cool, sik, awsome, fucking bad
those shoes are absolutly Boshank
by steve October 24, 2003
it means that something is wicked or sik or just generally good.
u know that film last night was boshank
by james June 01, 2004
when somethings allgood its the "bo shank"
"yeah nigga that be the bo shank"
by lozza December 09, 2003
heavy, propa bo
yeah i had a boshank time at the party
by elboz December 27, 2003
Said if you cant be arsed to say anything else or are to monged to realy understand any of the conversation but wnat to giv a positive responce.
joe: "Man, I just downloaded 58 tracks for your new CD, it took like 12 hours and it was realy realy realy hard!"

Al: "..........Boshank!"

Joe: "its not even a realy word"

Al: "cone?"

Joe: "boshank!"

Al: "thats not even a realy word"
by perry mason November 16, 2004
getting sexually excited with things you aught not!!!!!
im going to boshank with the hamster
by ***!!!Sara!!!**** March 16, 2006

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