Top Definition word for a hood extension that covers the front of the car(mainly headlights), making the car look more aggressive.

The word is German and roughly translates to meaner, worse, and evil in English.

Two styles are sleepy Boser and angry Boser.
Vortexer 1: I am going to get a boser on my Golf GTI.

Vortexer 2: Just make sure its not sleepy!

Vortexer 3: 1.8t NevAR LOSES!
by SR20Killer June 16, 2009
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Switching the B and S of Sober. meaning the total opposite.

First used by Anthony on 678, dopest party of all mankind.
Dude u were sooooooo boser last night, I coulda sworn u were makin out w/ Hannah. no, dat was Christy who was makin out w/ me. She was boser
by SexyApeMan July 10, 2008
a wanna be baller who looks the part but is charachteristically very not skillt at hte game of basketball
that damn boser with his jordan shortz
by frank March 15, 2004

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