Pronounced Boz-ay

1: A french dessert made of parfait type mixture with all the fruit and granola toppings; 2: A tattood bartender from the Hofstra Strip that while drunk tends to have girls lick body parts for free drinks; 3: A person who tends to drink in excess and blacks out; 4: A species of gorilla
1. Yo did you have that bos-e last night? yeah it tasted pretty good....

2. Yo did you hook up with that kid Bos-e? yeah he was cute

3. I pulled a Bos-e last night now i feel like shit
by blackoutbose69 April 26, 2011
A really fast walking geezer with a walker with hand breaks on it.
He's going Boses break neck speed.
by J.Wild March 17, 2003
Another word for BOSS but used to annoy English professionals and to use as a term to share with friends and have a good time
by Christian Hooper May 01, 2012
Fat and satisfied with pride. Swollen in satisfaction and pride. Leaning back in superiority. Joy derived from dominating someone so much that no words are enough to describe it, resulting in a person being böse.
Derives from a mock-German version of the Swedish word pösig.
English spelling: Boese.
"That is truly a böse-man"
"I feel so böse right now"
"I've never seen anything that böse in my entire life!"
by Oscar Pettersson December 22, 2006
Pronounced "Bo-zay"

An expression of positivity/affirmation. Meaning 'Good', 'cool'...anything positive really.

Not to be confused with Bo/Boh
"I went to see "Crash" yesterday. It was Bosé"

"I love sniffing my boyfriends armpits - he smells so Bosé"

"I got gang-banged last night - SO not Bosé"

"Damn, you look Bosé tonight...I could eat you alive..."

" I know fo'shiz I did Bosé on my exams..."

Etc etc, blah blah blah!

by Venus Envy April 19, 2006
a) a dog's nose. Not the entire muzzle, just the damp, whiffly bit on the end. Several other animals also have boses, e.g. foxes, wolves, badgers, bears, and fruitbats.
b) a doglike personality or spirit.
c) a dog.
d) a doglike person.

See nug.
"My dog's got no nose."
"How does it smell?"
by Prince Yves October 31, 2004
headphones that, while may not have the worlds best sound, will own any other company in noise cancellation. most haters cant afford them so they bitch about the sound quality.
Hater: dude bose suck. they have shitty sound.
Bose Owner: i cant hear you.
by bosefanboy August 13, 2010
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