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Borzak (n.), a common misspelling of Borsak, which also means to possess ape-like qualities.
:You're a massive borzak!
:Hey dude, look at how that Borzak eats that banana!
by ___Whitey___ December 14, 2005
2 7

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Girl with Boy-Like features, Wierdo that doesn't like the cack,

Nicknames : Whore-crack, Ball-Sack, Loser
I snuck into the girls locker room, and this girl took off her clothes. At first i was excited, but then i thought i was mistakenly in the guys room. The girl was a total Borzak! I mean she had a cack and everything! Yidiot!
by You'll Never Guess October 24, 2004
4 12