(V.) To hijack a vehicle; To make an odd noise during death by fall; To pistol-whip another person usu. cyborg.
Oh fuck! Jim 'borted me in the head!
by 'bortmastuh January 08, 2005
a Russian word, denoting "Bureau Number", or construction number. Used to identify military aircraft.
I watched the SU-27 rip across the sky, and marveled at the power of Bort-34's engines.
by Lord Uther March 13, 2003
A person with a dodgy eye, lop-sided head, bearing a physical resemblence to Gollem, the mythical creature from J.R.R Tolkeins Lord of the Rings Series. 2nd most popular christian name in the Northern hemishphere after John.
"Attention shoppers, we have run out of BORT license plates, REPEAT, we have no more BORT license plates left"
by Jebidiah March 13, 2003
A word / noise used in daily life to describe an attractive female and or her large breasts without drawing attention and appearing rude.
Clem: "Booooort"
Bodeen: "Where?"
Clem: "6 o'clock"
Bodeen: "Bort. Dey are some biiiiig titties boi"
by DartyDaniels May 10, 2011
Bort; noun;

A Vajart, or Queef, released upon any plastic, leather, or leather like surface, such as vinyl, resulting in a deep, vibrating, & often multi-tonal sound. The sound is often amplified on a particularly hot & humid summer day
example: Kathy just squeezed a ripe bort on my brand new leather sofa. I won't be inviting her to my next book club meeting.

past tense: Linda borted on my brand new leather sofa
by KB83 May 15, 2010
Derogatory term for the dead fetus of an aborted child. Often preceded or followed by a two-syllable derogatory adjective.
"I don't give a shit about her bort monkey."
by Bortmund October 22, 2009
Regular replacement word for things one often forgets. Often brought into conversation when one is sleep-deprived, stoned, or entering the alzheimer's stage of life.
"What's that blasted bort again? You know, the thing with the handle and you put it in cereal?"
"...A Spoon?"

"Bort me in the bort-time, bort me in the evening, bort me in the afternoon"
"You askin fer secks?"

Johnathon was feeling rather bort -- he left his keys in the back seat of his 1996 bort sedan. Many borts earlier, he was a little bort with high aspirations to one day bort the special bortlympics. This would never happen, as he was incredibly borty.
by borty mcbort May 04, 2007
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