(BORT), pl. "bort"

An expression of exclamation. Also can be used as a synonym for words like leet, cool, ect. Can be preceded by "mmmmm". Derived from the sweedish chef on the muppets.
Game show host: You just won a PS3!
you: mmmmmBORT!!!!

Aw man, that dude is bort. He has PS3.
by aloishis89 December 21, 2006
Bort is a word used by anti-abortionists for pro-abortionists who are outside abortion clinics to stop anti-abortionists from talking to women going into the abortion clinics. The word 'bort' is a contraction of 'pro-abortionist' also called 'pro-abort'. The word 'bort' can be used for anyone that is pro-abortion, but is generally confined to those outside the abortion mills.
"That girl wanted to talk with me about her options, but that bort dragged her into the abortion clinic."
by Rev Donald Spitz March 14, 2008
damn im bort.
by drizzue. April 13, 2003
Bort is the act of placing the beer can ontop of the womans lower back while having sexual intercourse with your female partner for stimulation purposes. (does not work with homosexuals)

Australian men have mastered this technique and have been practicing it for hundreds of years
"I heard you pulled a bort on her last night"

"I wish I knew how to bort!"

"Yes young padawan, it is true I have mastered the technique of bort, I have released its true potential...last night with your mother"
by bortwithlegs March 21, 2007
An expulsion of gas through the rectum (more commonly known as a fart).
That bort smells nasty!
Ewww, what a bort!
I think I let a bort.
by Celton July 06, 2004
BORT (n) - alternate name for marijuana. May also be used as an adjective. (Variant examples: borted, bortly, bortworthy, et al)
"I just nabbed some bort!"

"Dude, are you borted?"
by Jason W. Deas February 11, 2004
To deliver large amounts of semen
"Uh oh! Jimmy pulled a Bort!"
by None November 21, 2002

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