Borl a combination of both boy and girl that is used to describe a person who looks boyish and resembles a girl. Its easier to call some a Borl instead of a boy/girl.
Tia: is that a boy or girl i cant tell

Kylia: Oh, that's a Borl!!!

Tom: That girl is ugly...if it is a girl

Kevin: Eww.... definitely a Borl
by omgitsunbelieveable May 30, 2011
Top Definition
N:/ A word that is used in cases where a person does not know the exact gender of a baby (since we all know they look the same), and when said quietly or in the mumbled fashion, the new parents will either think you said 'boy' or 'girl', whichever they want to hear.

Problem solved!
New parents- "Hey Dale! Look at our new child! Omigod!"

Dale- "What a beautiful baby um...borl!"

New parents- "Yeah we know! She'll make a great wife someday!"

Dale- "Oh! Okay. I get it now."
by datingsitepredator November 19, 2011

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