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This is a woman that is a combination of Bitch, Whore, Slut and cunt that will believe anything she's told, tends to fall in love in 3 minutes flat and sleep with anything male or female that looks her way in 5 minutes. This bottom feeding woman is also too dumb to know that a paper sack with a smiley face on it isn't a human, not only lies to others, but lies to herself on top of that and her mind is so twisted she perpetually feels sorry for herself when the shit that happens to her is her fault and therefore is a crazy hoe because even when she's told the truth, that bitch still thinks that man "Loves" her. She snaps at people when they say hello after opening the door for her and thinks all men exist for her.
Boritchslucunt (Pronouced Bore-itch-Sluh-Cunt) Say it right and it sounds like a american tv Russian last name"

"I won't let her around my man for a split second with a jail cell in between them she's such a Boritchslucunt, I might get second hand aids just thinking about the possibility of it."

Or "She's such a Boritchslucunt, that hoe probably exhales syphilis"

Or "Lady Boritchslucunt over there, bout to get duped again, don't she see that ring on his finger?"

Or "That Boritchslucunt is so dumb she can't put on shoes with only velcro on them"

Or "Can't you believe that Boritchslucunt thinks she can hit on my man right in front of me? She's in danger and don't even know it!"
by CocoaMasGrande January 06, 2011

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