A not very well know rubik's cuber. As of July 15, 2010 his record for a single time is 13.18 seconds, and record for an average 3 out of 5 is 14.77 seconds. He has a collection of puzzles similar to the rubik's cube. Although he has not participated in any official events, he plans to in the future. Boris is also interested in math, science, engineering, music, and sports. He participates in all of this at school, as well as home. Known for being the first freshman to be in a AP course (at his high school), more specifically AP Calculus BC, and getting an overall A+ and a 5 on the college credit exam. Also known to be the first freshman in chemistry honors, a junior level class. Plays cello in the school orchestra, and will participate in his school's symphony orchestra, a sign of advanced play.
Boris has also started school wide obsessions with the rubik's cube multiple times. In addition to all of these advancements, Boris is known for his wit. Most of what leaves his mouth is sarcastic, whether it sounds like it or not, and he has done some mean pranks on different people. For these few negative qualities, there are many who consider him to be an arrogant, petty fool, and do not like him. Even though many have left negative imprints on him, he is quick to forgive and forget. He claims he does not remember himself more than two years ago, and he forgets insults far faster.
Boris solved the cube. For the millionth time.
God, why does Boris have to be a smart ass all the time?
What? You're in calculus? How?
by venser July 15, 2010
The often overlooked pinnacle of awesome. He is an enigma, nobody knows what he's thinking nor feeling at the moment, yet this is what makes him appealing to EVERYONE. Handsome, intelligent, friendly, and refined, it is hard to find a single word that can encapsulate the greatness he exudes. To be a Boris is to be the ultimate underdog; everybody seems to underestimate and even forget about him, but he never fails to blow minds whenever it's his time to shine.
Carrie: Is that Boris? He's so cool!
Bo: Are you serious?! "cool" is just not cool enough for Boris.
Carrie: So what word's cool enough for him?
Bo: Boris. Just Boris.

When odds are against you, you're definitely a boris. it also means you'll WIN.
by Millenium Spikes September 29, 2011
A sexy Eastern European guy of dubious origin who will sweep you off your feet with his twisted old world charm . He will leave you speechless in and outside of the bedroom .
Rose : My new man Boris is setting me on fire !

Brit : Oh My !

Rose : It's his charm ;)
by Apple Blossom January 13, 2013
An online God, who has overthrown the world of warcraft, Boris is slowly taking over the interwebz and in time will have become the new chuck norris, now known to many as chuck boris.

Boris is an idol to some and has many followers, and many haters, several of those haters have been smited down by boris's strong hind legs and powerful neck muscles.

in several months people will refer to everything as boris.
Jimmy:you know my neighbour
Jimmy:he got smited
John:yeah i heard he didnt like to boris.

Alice:hey i saw boris but boris was not there so i was boris rite?
Glen:like boris?? no boris thats boris i heard it aswell so ok boris.
by Touchmahbody May 19, 2010
A person of russian descent with little or no education with horselike facial features.

Slang term from the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn.
I went to the grocery store today and this boris was in line in front of me.
by Albert Dubinsky October 15, 2005
the sexiest person in the world

may be a girl, we're not really sure

loves many things including his/her superheroes

really perfect
"boris is amazing" - Lava

"i know dude, hes totally the best sidekick in the world"

"I LOVE BORIS" - richard

richard loves boris loves richard
by richard the hunn2 January 17, 2012
A kickass metal band from Japan alternating between drone, sludge, stoner rock, groove metal, and sometimes hardcore. They have a shitload of albums, splits, eps, and collaborations with other bands. Not a pussy band like popular j-rock.
Fuck j-rock! Boris kicks ass!
by Very Metal June 09, 2007
the duck off of blues clues...
hey whatever...i'm the only one that remembered his duck
steve"let's go play with boris!"
kids" -.- "
by Pyro3138 February 18, 2009

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