31337 graffer who lives in REZAAAAAA!
he is maltese and has a swirl on his head.
"Is that that borgy kid? What a leet cunt!"
by James Howard January 06, 2004
When u see a large number of bugs or insects ingadged in a mating ball , a bug orgie ..or a word used to describe a general cluster fuck of any sort.
There was a group of spiders having a borgy under the rotting price of ply wood.
by jublisstar December 03, 2015
Source: A Burger Orgy. An improvised event where a large group of people will eat burgers at the same time and in the same place. Usually applies when people working in one place (like an office, hospital, clinic, or mall) or living in the same space (like a dormitory) order burgers together and consume them collectively and gluttonously.
Hey Jim, would you like to order a cheeseburger and join the Borgy? Phil is paying.
by SobhiElJeez December 19, 2014
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