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To aimlessly wander about an establishment that wouldn't commonly be wandered about. Limited to no reason of presence is a requirement for the high loitering period. Examination of various artefacts is common with borgnine, as is the evasion of establishment representatives
There's someone who comes here every weeknight to borgnine at the lobby and 19th floor
by David LaForge October 11, 2007
Used in place of "Bogart" to indicate someone's hogging of a sandwich, rather than a joint. (see, the term "bogart" is a reference to actor Humphrey Bogart's continuous chain smoking of cigarettes; "borgnine" is a similar concept but references actor Ernest Borgnine, and his apparent love of sandwiches. First said by Homer Simpson, being protective of his Rib-wich.
Hey, don't borgnine my sandwich!
by grz41 January 22, 2014
Used in place of "Bogart" to indicate theft
"Dude, don't borgnine my crack!"
by Hagman August 26, 2003