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A person who is good to talk to for a few seconds only to find out that they have nothing interesting to say at all,but try to keep the conversation going with redundant and dull sentences now and then.

Someone who is boring and uninteresting to talk to but blaming you for their boredom when they are the ones who initiated the conversation.

Friend:Hey,what's up?!

Friend 2:Hey,just got back from a party!It was awesome!What about you?

Friend:Oh,nothing much.Just bored.

Friend 2:Ah,okay.(What a borewhore.)

'Dude,is she always like that?I wasted 5 minutes talking to her about nothing!'

'Ah,what do you expect?She's a borewhore.'
by Positive17 May 17, 2010
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Someone that is being extremely boring and attempts to make things funny when they turn out stupid sounding.
"Man, you know Ron?"
"He totally became a bore whore when he started talking about homework."
by Metamorphisized December 19, 2005
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Someone who is a boring whore.
You are such a borewhore for sitting on the phone quiet.
by Jasmine wissssse November 08, 2011
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Someone who is so exruitiatingly boring that if they had one ounce of fun in their sad little lives they would be a whore for being so dumb. However, considering the fact that they are the epitome of utter boredom the name bore whore is better suited in this such case! Or more simply, a boring whore.
Kim Kardashian was a total bore whore when she dated Reggie Bush, didn't drink, didn't go out, and ruined all of Kourtney and Khloe's fun.
by rar3bliss December 25, 2010
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