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Bored- when youve got nothing to do but look up random words on this site. Thats what most people are doing I think.
I am bored right now so I am on this site.
by Greendayfanperson April 01, 2006
454 107
A word used when people are trying to put up a picture of themselves on the internet and not look concieted or like a attention whore. They use this word as the excuse.
Me being bored. <picture taken by themself, most likely without a shirt>
by Ryan C. K December 30, 2005
343 117
The reason why I'm wasting your time writing this worthless crap.
Me: I'm so fucking bored, I could watch an entire episode of Newsnight without falling asleep or wanting to kill myself.
by Ted T Chimp October 21, 2006
287 97
what i am right now since i got nothin to do.
god damnit. i got nothing to do. i'm soooo bored
by pip March 02, 2005
246 85
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by ChefJL February 05, 2005
160 70
The state of mind you are if your looking at this
Im so bored !!Lets search up "bored" on Urban Dictionary to waste time !!
by bored !!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 29, 2008
101 16
n The state of staring into space and hitting things, often accompanied by the munchies, hours on urbanDictionary, channel surfing and internet sex.

n A code word for "horny"
God, I'm so fucking bored.
by TheJaded April 13, 2006
120 37