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Extremely bored...based on comedian Jon Lajoie and a song that he has on youtube...this is how he would describe complete and utter bored you are fucking useless.
Adjective: "Dude...this movie sucks - I'm bored as fuck! Let's get outta here."
Verb: "Yo this place bores me as fuck!"
by Sketchley February 11, 2010
A public call out asking to have sex on Social Media sites, most commonly done on FaceBook. The person posts that they are bored as fuck on the site and then waits for Inbox messages, post likes and comments to see who it reeled in and then they try to set up meeting to have sex with the person they desire most.
"I'm bored as fuck."

"WYD? I'm BAF."
by Spelling Beotch February 19, 2016
When one is in this state of mind they tend to go online and start some bullshit argument about politics or religion and insult people they dont even know.
Im bored as fuck and cant afford Netflix. Might as well start a war on some forum.
by Goth Doll September 05, 2016
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