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to use the word "bored" and "relaxing" at the same time... "boraxin"
"we didnt do much last night so we just boraxed"

person1 "what are you doing tonight?"
person2 "not much, just boraxin"
by vanskyvybz83 August 05, 2009
A Chauvinistic, Turkish, lying Neanderthal with relatives leeching off of the Dutch welfare system and who thinks women are below men in every aspect.
Man, I can't believe you said that, you are such a Boraxin.

Get your Boraxin butt out of here, we don't tolerate that sort of behaviour here.
by Hans Wiegel June 13, 2009
1) noun~ A pathetic liar
2) verb~ To lie to a pathetic degree
3) verb2~ To be incapable of proving a word you say as truth

1) Hey Man, I know you were never a soldier, quit being such a boraxin.

2) I was so drunk that every question the cop asked me, i just totally boraxined and he busted me on it
a falafel salesman who fucks camels.
That boraxin Turkish man is an asshole.
by boom hussein July 10, 2008