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Very nice man from Kazakhstan with big hram. He like a Pamela Andersons very much, and is ex-husband of Oksana. She die, and now he married to black prostitute, Luenell. He like.
"My name ez Borat!"
by Juicalicious April 25, 2010
46 19
An extremely boring person who likes to sook on the family dog's teets.
"Did you hear about that girl who fucked her dog?"
"Yeah, she's a right Borat!"
by sophie wells November 30, 2007
12 97
1. A stupid ass movie about a guy from Kazachstan who carries pictures of his kids penis in his wallet, and hates Jews.

2. A stupid ass movie that everyone who has seen it tries to mimick it by saying, "NOT" or, "VERY NICE." Very gay and annoying.

John: Have you seen that movie Borat?

Jeff: No....NOT

John: If you ever say that again, I will beat you to death with my shoes.
by Ihateborat April 23, 2008
28 135
An incredibly false and offensive movie to those of Kazakhstan/Soviet origin.
Borat? Refuse to be fed by social propaganda.
by xxyuli June 02, 2007
50 204
A fictional character scripted and played by the british jew comedian Baruch (Baron) Sacha Cohen.
Borat is a smiley guy from a nightmarish muslim country ( the locations are the dirties slums of Romania, the language is a mixture of polish and hebraic ) when the inhabitans are all savages, peadophils and the girl are all prostitutes (and they are all antisemitic ).
Unlike the funny foregnein played by the late Andy Kaufman who was from a fictional country, this Borat came from a "real " nation : the Kazakhinstan, a large former soviet country
His character portraits the muslims as orrible monsters just like the nazi propaganda did against the jews; ironically ,he probably thinks to be antibigotry.

" he's not trying to make fun of khazakstan but rather chose Khazakstan cause its a small country which nobody knows. i think bortsch said it all./..
"Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world by area and has a population of 15 million people. But i get ur point."
Borat pwned Kazakstan with this. But really, i've never even heard of Kazakstan until Borat."
by Affuso October 17, 2006
112 432