Possibly the most insulting film of all time. Sacha Baron Cohen plays the role of Borat in this film. The film runs for approximately 85 minutes, and is rated 15 in the UK, 18 in Ireland, and R in the USA.

The film is about Borat Sagdiyev, a Kazakh man, travelling to the USA to learn how to be like them. While in America, Borat falls in love with Pamela Anderson while watching Baywatch. Sacha Baron Cohen also plays the role in Channel 4 UK's Da Ali G Show.

Some scenes are not acted, and were performed in real life without people knowing, like the scene where Borat learns to dine like a gentleman, or the scene where Borat tries to get a room in a hotel while speaking like a homie, but the receptionist threatens to call the police.

The DVD has a selection of deleted scenes such as "Sexy Drown Watch" (a parody of Baywatch), a global PR tour and a music infomercial.
*Words from a deleted scene*
Borat: And what is this?
Shop Assistant: That's cheese.
Borat: And what is this?
Shop Assistant: That's also cheese.
Borat: And what is this?
Shop Assistant: Cheese.
Borat: And what is this?
Shop Assistant: That's cheese also.
Borat: And this?
Shop Assistant: That's also cheese.
*Borat goes through the whole aisle of cheese.*
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by John Clarkie January 27, 2008
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A character on "Da Ali G Show". Borat owns your soul. Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man, Borat Sagdiyev is a reporter for Kazakhstani television. He is traveling across America for his television show, "Borat's Guide to America", where he does crap like show old people naked pictures of his wife, tell people about his hobbies like shooting dogs, and worrying about "the Jew"
"My sister, she is prostitute."
"Why is that?"
"She like a...make money!"
by Butch Kid February 04, 2005
The second alter ego of the English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. As Borat he is from Kazakhstan, and hates the Jews, yet tries to get acquainted with American life and culture via a series of interviews with prominent pop culture figures.
I'm Borat and I'm from Kazakhstan. Now what if the Jew come after you with his horns?
by GuidoPosse69 January 26, 2005
one of the best social critisims of our time.
in the movie borat, when he attended an elitest white party, they tolerated everything he did. he even brought out a bag of shit saying" where do you put this" and they didn't complain. this all ended when he brought a black woman to the party. the street it was on, seccession blvd.
#racism #social #jew #black #seccession
by moviecriticdude January 19, 2007
the most god dam funny person in the world!

HI 5!
"i would like to make a romance inside you"

"hey dude you have been watching too much borat, HIGH 5!"

#funny #ali g #borat #lmao #jagshamash
by dr rockybonda January 02, 2007
Hilarious fictional person acted by Sacha Baron Cohen. Is shown in Da Ali G Show and also in the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. He has some hilarious words you can, and inevitably will, hear everywhere, and laugh, until it's overdone by a moronic nerd.
Sexy time!

High fiive!

I very like!

Very nice, how much?

Hello, my name is Borat.
#high five #back pussy #borat: cultural learnings of america for make benefit glorious nation of kazakhstan #sexy time #azamat
by Buchyex February 08, 2007
The Best Movie Ever and the best character
My Name Is Borat I Wanna Fuck Pamela Anderson :)
You like?
#borat #kazakstan #gay sex #jew #jews
by Neo Corey December 07, 2006
the man who enjoys sexytime.
did you know borat likes to have sexytime with his mother in law ?
i like !
#sexy #pedofile #pervert #racist #sexytime #ew
by crapp December 23, 2007
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