what the cool kids in America call their VW Jetta's. Gives you the cool euro edge when crusing around in your hot german-ish 4 door.
dude: "yea i drive a bora"
bitch: "do me in it!"
by gb_junkie December 13, 2005
a beautiful girl with an awesome butt who is stubborn and feisty when you first meet her but once she warms up to you she is sweet and funny
"what do you think of the new girl?"

"I can tell shes a Bora already, and I mean, look at that ass!"
by sexanddubstep October 24, 2011
noun - someone or something which employs a lot of sass in a given context
Geez shanaynay, don't be such a bora guuurl.
by wahunja December 17, 2009
A casual turkish white boy with a massive penis!!
Oh man he is such a Bora look at that massive penis
by Borax7 February 11, 2015
the girl whom do sung loes....
so beautiful girl...
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
a code word for balls
hey my boras hurt
by Big sausage February 25, 2015

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