strong European wind: a cold, dry, strong northeasterly wind that blows down the mountains of Central Europe and along the shores of the Adriatic
Bora knocked me on my ass today
by bora January 06, 2004
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This is another name for a knife, when talking about the knife as a weapon to stab a person with .As in to 'bore' the person with your knife.
Ah shit man, I know this kid carries a bora.
by ReZa October 21, 2004
the truth. often known as a waker of dreams. ancient legend speaks of one who walks with insight and sees things for what they are.
The way that professor spoke about religion was eye-opening, he was like a bora. psychic
by spokenlegend May 29, 2009
A greek sex god from 150 A.D.
Bora was known throughout the land in Rome in his time, for his numerous "encounters" with the ladies.
by burgundy grass May 28, 2009
The name the rest of the world over for the Volkswagen Jetta MkIV (99.5-2004 at least). Named after the strong European wind mentioned somewhere else here.
"That dude drives a bad-a$$ Bora!"

"He changed the badges on his Jetta to say "Bora". What a wannabe."
by ::analogue:: March 26, 2004
A small city in sweden that is know for it's constant rain, often called Realm of Eternal Rain
Me: Why is it always raining?
Boråsas: Cause we are in Borås
by Condorito January 11, 2005
Short for Boracay, a cool beach in the Philippines, white sand.
Hey pips, let us go to Bora.
by babsut November 02, 2006
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