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1.Performing oral sex
2. The act of sucking a penis
3. To give someone head
Andre asked Nakia if she be bobbin.
by PEACHEZ November 23, 2004
1. verb
2. bop (alternate usage)
3. an act by females trying to be seen with dominant and flossed out playas
I bleed the block and stack a knot, when laws get hot I shake the spot. I show the rocks and hoes "bop", and they ain't even seen my drop yet.
by Roman the Caesar August 10, 2005
...a type of dance including two to three people. One person stands and supports the second person (by holding their hand) while they bounce on their toes (or spin) with their knees bent. Usually done in south florida.
>Damn man, wat were they doin in the club last nite?

>Aw man, they was jus boppin. You know how them florida niggas do.
by Scrapz Boo November 24, 2007
Performing of a bj/ Preparing or planning to give someone one.
Davonte the fathead asked Sheila, "You boppin?" Sheila answered my kicking him where it hurts.
by Staplers December 19, 2009
A new Dance craze originated in South Florida.Its when u bend your knees and bouce up and down on it.Requires stong legs.
That boy be boppin to that song.
by Dj Spinna June 09, 2008
An adjective meaning cool or awesome.
(usually used in a silly, semi-serious manner)
"This class is boppin'!"

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm having a boppin' day!

by andriod5 September 27, 2005
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