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1) Combination of booze and boobies.

2) Event that consists of going out to drink at staring at women's chests.

3) noun - Term that combines booze and boobies into one meaning.

4) Group of men (or women these days) going out with the strict intension to drink and look at strippers.
You going to John Doe's Bachelor party tonight? It's time for some Boozies!

We're bout to go get some boozies, wanna join?
by IRTermite June 29, 2011
6 0
Nickname given to someone who is drunk or is an alcoholic.
"Hey Boozy I think you've had enough beers for one night."
by Boozy Springer November 22, 2006
73 17
a)derived from the word "bossom" meaning a females chest.
b)can also be someone who drinks, or boozes, a lot
c)or an awesome website (
a)look at her boozies!
b)"lets get some more booze"
-two boozies
c)wow check out!
by eric mylo March 06, 2005
22 9
Someone who drinks past the point of being tipsy but is not quite drunk. This is the type of person who will go to a party and fall down.
look at that boozy whore she can't even stand up.
by Polish Sausage 2009 February 01, 2009
20 16
(adj., general) referring to any item, substance, or food that has had booze added or applied to it, thereby greatly enhancing its appeal and/or taste.

(adj., slang) referring to a substandard, questionable, or generally sketchy overall appearance.
Damn Gina! Thats some kickass boozy Pecan pie you done whipped up for me.

"Baltimore and Cleveland were named the booziest cities in the US for the year 2006."
by StuGuru September 19, 2007
9 11
something that sucks, no good, disappointing
Erin- Hey man did you go to that party last night?
Rick- Yeah, and i was so excited, but that shit was boozy
by LIAAAA May 24, 2007
11 23
something or someone that is wack
Dat sh*t was boozy!
by Baybee D August 09, 2003
30 58