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Actually, since Ali G is Jewish and comes from Israel it means something totally different. In Hebrew there's a world called BEVAKASHA - which means 'Here you go' basically. So he made it into BOOYAKASHA.
Booyakasha, here's my main man ___.
by Sexaya January 12, 2005
317 390
1. A term yelled belligerently when an alcoholic wants more booze.
2. A prostitute.

"I'm 21, hit me again!"
"Johnny you've had enough"
by sjt February 08, 2007
12 95
booyakasha is an african term that means, "all death to the whites," that is the literal translation of it, and dont bother contesting it because you are wrong
there is no example for the use of this word
by matt September 21, 2004
153 236
When one has the up most respect for another they first say booyakasha then proceed.
Booyakasha, I would like to introduce ____ to you
by Clay November 22, 2004
19 106
We use it as a a greeting to other fellow stoners as a greeting; to smoke schwag, hit the chronic, get baked, etc.
As Tommy walked by he yelled to Hisham, "Booyakasha!", and in response Hisham shouted "light it up."
by Hash Pipe March 07, 2005
25 129
A drinking term, means "Bring on the shots" Boo ya ka Sha
He's here! fucking forty man, BOOYAKASHA!
by XSponge May 08, 2006
9 124
When you get excited, or when you want people to vote on TRL.
Joey yelled,"booyakasha" when trying to promote people to vote on TRL.
by Sydney Fiedler November 13, 2005
13 130