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This word was invented by English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for his character Ali G in "Da Ali G Show". Since Sacha is Israeli, he pulled from the Hebrew language and urban slang to create Booyakasha. First, the very popular Hebrew phrase "Sheket B’Vakasha!" which means "Please be quiet!". Second, the slang term booya, which is a cry of victory to embarrass the defeated party (see also in your face). Booyakasha was supposed to sound Jamaican or African. It means in context "Be quiet because I am right and you are wrong! I win! Feel embarrassed about it!"
"Her eyes were green, just like I said they were! Booyakasha!"
by Inman SQ Girl May 01, 2007
a word in swahili that means "death to the white man"
by gomba2000 July 25, 2008
Means "Bring on the shots"; a drinking term used by alcoholics.
"I'm 21, hit me again!"
"Johnny you've had enough"
by sjt February 06, 2007
Fer Booyakasha mean a right many fings. But like fer da most part its a greetin innit. Iz use it all da time wit me posse.An When Me iz nobbin J Lo. straight up me aignt shitin you. Yo shout out bredren. Iz out Frek mez, Flamez.
Booyakasha Mez aboot ta talk to me rude boy ere about da Mac Daddy, Ronald McDonaldz aight.
by MC Liquid November 19, 2004
the word that claims that you have done something better than someone else so you say; BOOYAKASHA.
so haha i beat you, booyakasha.
by Lallaaaaaaaaanah October 16, 2006
booyakasha does infact mean kill the white man,
but ali g
contrary to common belief does not use the word Booyakasha to mean this.
ali g uses booyakasha, as a term for his home county BERKSHIRE.
staines is part of berkshire, hence 'da west staines massive'
can be used as a greeting
ali g:Booyakasha
Ricky C: 'ello
or as a term for berkshire

ali g: i is going back to da ghetto booyakasha
by andy_mccabe August 20, 2004
A hebrew word that literally means "hard booya." Superlative form of booya.
"Booyakasha grandma"
"Az terraga / Habonim b'schuna / Booyakasha"
by Josh12345 September 05, 2006