This word was invented by English comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for his character Ali G in "Da Ali G Show". Since Sacha is Israeli, he pulled from the Hebrew language and urban slang to create Booyakasha. First, the very popular Hebrew phrase "Sheket B’Vakasha!" which means "Please be quiet!". Second, the slang term booya, which is a cry of victory to embarrass the defeated party (see also in your face). Booyakasha was supposed to sound Jamaican or African. It means in context "Be quiet because I am right and you are wrong! I win! Feel embarrassed about it!"
"Her eyes were green, just like I said they were! Booyakasha!"
by Inman SQ Girl May 01, 2007
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Form of greeting and hello's
Booyakasha! Check Dis!1

(See Check Dis)
by Paully May 08, 2003
straight from the mouth of Ali G himself, in an interview with

Could you translate your catchphrases "booyakasha" and "wagwaan"?

"Booyakasha" means "listen up rudeboi everytin irie whayaso lickylicky ya wangagot fifiman." "Wagwaan" means "booyakasha."
booyakasha: "listen up rudeboi everytin irie whayaso lickylicky ya wangagot fifiman."
by daimonn November 08, 2006
Actually it is a Jamaican patois approximation of the sound of a gunshot- you hold two fingers in the air and shout "BOOYAKASHA, BOO- BOO- BOOYAKASHA"
Rudy tink he a badman, we have to go bust him- BOOYAKASHA!
by the Ingster July 06, 2004
Booyakasha comes from the Irish word "buíochas" (pronounced bwee ah kuss) which mean "glory to" "or praise be" as in "buíochas le Dia" which means "thanks be to god". Oliver Cromwell sent 1000s of Irish to the plantations in Jamaica, and a lot of Irish (or Gaelic as non Irish people know it) words made it in to Jamaican patois. Another example is "Irie" from the Irish verb "Eirigh" (pronounced "Ire - ee") meaning to get up.
Booyakasha! you know it!
by Michaelkelly Kelly November 28, 2007
A variation on the now quaint "booya!" meaning "all right!" "hell yeah!" or "sweet!"
"I took that slammin' hottie home last night, brah."
"Booya-kasha, dude."
by fallandmiss February 24, 2007
Don't know what it means but Ali G didn't make it up. Rapper KRS-One shouts it out at the beginning of "Keep Their Heads Ringin'" by Dr. Dre. In 1995. Before Ali G. Probably Jamaican roots then...
"Friday" Soundtrack 1995 booyakasha
by brvid22 April 27, 2008
Meaning pretty damn cool, wicked, awesome or agreeing with some-one
Guy 1: That party was awesome
Guy 2: Booyakasha
by FuckItLikeYouOwnIt June 11, 2008

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