a word best yelled in Blockbuster with Bonnie.
BOOYAH! *hand slap*
by Maddy March 07, 2004
to exclame the feeling that cannot otherwised be put into words. This word is used often to emphasis one's successful action and accompishment.
Hitting the front cup in a beruit game
by froe January 10, 2004
boo*yah <boo ya> n.v.adj. (1) when there is no other word to express yourself (2) universal term describing something as da bomb, phat, dope, ill (3) meaning determined based on context and delivery of sentence.
by spanky October 09, 2003
Used as an insult towards the loser after one has won something of great importance; (Boo-You)
"booyah" said the kid after he destroyed the other kid at curling.
by Brian April 17, 2003
Whatever you want it to mean. It can be used in place of verbs, adjectives, nouns, whatever. That is the glory of the booyah. Booyah can also be used as a sort of insult (refer to example 3). You can also add to it to make it even more awesome!
I just booyahed that booyah!-or-I would totally booyah her!


Kid1: "BOOYAH!"
Bam flip booyah would be a counter-booyah and therefore kid1 would have one-up kid2's counter or be humiliated.
by Mastabooyah February 27, 2006
Exclamation of supportive comaradary by the U.S. Marine Corps: It comes from the word bouillon, which is a broth made from the cooking of chicken bones (opponents).
James Blake just beat Raphael Nadal in the 2005 U.S. Open,

by KMM September 03, 2005
Seminal fluid, also known as jizz, semen, spunk, spooge, baby batter, cum
You got booyah all over your face!
by Babybattermixmaster August 17, 2005

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