Booyah is a modern day version of an 18th century mid-west lightening rod that is traditionally placed on the peaks of structures such as a house or barn.
The difference between 18th century lightening rods and the modern day BOOYAH is that the old lightning rods have one glass ball. BOOYAHS have one to three translucent glass balls of different colors. Depending on the colors selected, a BOOYAH brings to the house and its inhabitants different positive energy sources such as courage, energy, peace and harmony.
"You can spot my house easily it has a amber and blue BOOYAH!" Or - "I am so happy we have a BOOYAH!"
by John Mallett September 15, 2005
"Boo Yaa, at that time (c1990) was slang in the neighbourhood for the sound of a shotgun, so we used the term to describe the impact of us on stage, blowing people away." Thus spake Boo-Yaa Tribe.
"click-click booyah" Thus spake Mack 10
by Aragond September 21, 2006
An aggressive, in-your-face exclamaition of happiness and exultation. Best followed by insulting profanity. ONLY followed by insulting profanity.
"BOO-YAH, Motherfucker!"
by Happy Noodle Boy April 19, 2005
An exclamatory statement expressing excitement, not invented by, but propogated enthusiastically by geeky engineers and RC Racing enthusiasts.
"Boo-yah, I get to go to the track tonight", Chris said while wearing his new pink pants.
by DJM June 28, 2003
a nickname of someone that is very cool.

Lauren= Booyah

Booyah got sunburn cuse she didnt use sublock
by Joes best friend is Booyah May 01, 2006
Exclamation of elation of joy, similar to "Fuckin' A!" Derived from the Jamaican word "booyakashah," which is loosely translated as "Kill whitey."
I got a 1600 on my SATs? Booyah, baby!
by Dan August 27, 2003
N. A statement of glorious victory over a womens anus and vagina

V. The act of placing ones balls in a womens anus and pulling them out during intercourse.
After a man puts his balls in a womens anus while sustaining vaginal intercourse, he pulls the penis out leaving the balls tight held in the anus. Finally, the man pulls the balls out and exclaims "boo yah". This women has indeed been "Boo yah'd"
by MoreSickerMC September 11, 2004

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