A self-explanatory exclamation of dominance. Used to accredit one's self with a higher sense of worthiness and general superiority, “booyah” is a term with its roots found in Latin American origin. Today “booyah” is used to express elevated emotions of experiential eminence. Panzies take out the "h" and say "booya".
my definition of "booyah" is better then yours, BOOYAH
by Mister Heath December 29, 2005
Term used to describe the sound of a shotgun blast or the act of shooting someone with a shotgun.
The homeys from west side rolled up on the fool shoved a 'gauge' in his face and pulled the trigger BOOYAH!
by FRAMUS July 25, 2003
The Booyah Tribe is a Samoan gangsta rap band. They also refer to a "booya" as the noise made by a shotgun when it is fired.
o' sole, booyah tribe get one show tomorrow nite. ufa!
by Unga March 06, 2006
Booyah is a word often used as an expression. It can be said when you have been given something you have wanted, or it could be when something good happens in your life, or it could just be a word to say when you are bored.

This word is often used in teen series, Kim Possible.
Ron: Hey Rufus! I just bought el grande size!
Rufus: Booyah!
by Axela July 27, 2004
(N.) A Jamacian term that means satisfaction or joy. NOT a new kind of Pokemon. Also known as Booyah! Base.
"Booyah! In ya face, mon." -Dylan from MTV's Da Band.
"Booyah! In ya face, mon." -Sean Paul.
"Booyah! In ya face, mon." -Elephant Man.
"Booyah! In ya face, mon." -Shagie.
by G-Union November 26, 2003
An urbanization of 'boullion' as is a soup base. As heard in an early episode of the Cosby Show.
"We've got everything for the recipe except the booyah base"
by Ryan P March 14, 2003
Most likely referring to marijuana and also a type of cheer
by BBeppu February 01, 2003

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