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The act of putting your scrotum into a girls asshole, and ripping it out with a pop, and screaming BOOYAH!
Thats a fine piece of ass. Hell yeah, i'd BOOYAH that.
by blacks on blondes September 14, 2008
(N.) Slang term from the early ninties that means "Yeah, Boyee!"
Booyah, Muhfucka! Inya face!
by G-Union 2 November 10, 2004
1. A Zen-like state of mind. Similar to the state of "Yugen" found in ancient Japanese theatre."
2. An adjective used to describe a euphoric moment of triumph.
Person 1: "Hey man, those two twin bisexual Irish strippers just asked if they could have your phone number!"
Person 2: ".....BOOOYAH!"
by PJZ January 06, 2003
a phrase used by Lynsey and Debbie to express excited emotion towards an event.
debbie: theres a party at maya 2nite, dya wna go?
lynsey: hell yeh i wana go
Lynsey and Debbie: booyah!
by punk_rox_ok August 29, 2008
There is no definition by way of words. It is more of a feeling built up with a certain tension that manifests into a climactic blackhole of speechless expression... this blackhole can only be metaphorically constructed by speech with the so called 'word'...."booyah."
If "booyah" was in a thesaurus, it MIGHT have like terms such as:

-"Take that!"
-"You just got served!"
-"Oh my God, the quarterback is toast!"

...and in Spanish, the translation of "booyah" would be:

-"Toma!" (which roughly translates into "Take That!")
by Nash Peterson April 28, 2005
An exclaimation meaning something very good has just happened or is about to happen. Made popular by a Crash Bandicoot ad.
"You and me. Booyah, grandma. Booyah!
by matt February 02, 2004
A self-explanatory exclamation of dominance. Used to accredit one's self with a higher sense of worthiness and general superiority, “booyah” is a term with its roots found in Latin American origin. Today “booyah” is used to express elevated emotions of experiential eminence. Panzies take out the "h" and say "booya".
my definition of "booyah" is better then yours, BOOYAH
by Mister Heath December 29, 2005