A thick chicken stew that many believe was created in Northeastern Wisconsin by Walloon Belgian settlers.
Booyah is traditionally prepared in large batches.
by Dana M. Possin October 03, 2003
A term expressing joy, excitement, or triumph. Can also be used as a substitute for almost all modern day positive slang. Also see "boo-yizzle".
Dude, I totally just did your mom! BOOYAH!
by Brad Jackson May 15, 2003
Best known for its use by ESPN "Sportscenter" anchor Stuart Scott, this word is used to show defiance in the face of adversity, which MUST result in emphatic triumph.
The Boston Red Sox trailed the New York Yankees until "Big Papi" David Ortiz stepped to the plate, and Booyah!, Big Papi was off the hook!
by Patrick MacKenzie September 08, 2005
An incredibly intense drinking game said to have originated in central Canada. It requires 4 dice and a Booyah Bible, and stats are recorded for all eternity. Do not attempt to play unless you are a seasoned drinker.
Dude I got so wasted last night playing Booya, and I got 17 points. Booyah!!!
by one piece November 22, 2009
As in chicken booyah A traditional dish made by Belgian immigrants in Northeastern Wisconsin. A chicken soup made over an open fire usually in batches of 15 gallons or more.
Let's go to the church for some take out chicken booyah on Sunday.
by Madog666 December 20, 2008
short for 'boo-yakasha' from the infamous ali G, said with a finger snap formed from the compression of the third finger and the thumb, swizzling the wrist to cause the second finger to simultaniously collide with the combined third and thumb, which results in a slapping sound.=]
Ali.G:wot iz dis?
interviewee:this is cocaine
Ali.G:"booyakasha",how much iz dat?..etc
by donnyMC March 16, 2004
it is supposed to be the sound of a sawed off shotgun. made popular by the early 90's rap group "booyah tribe" also used by cypress hill in their early albums.
"sawed off shotgun, hand on the pump. booyah, sorry i had to get ya." cypress hill
by j June 16, 2006
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