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A term expressing joy, excitement, or triumph. An anglicised form of the Spanish word 'bulla', which is pronouced the same and means "noise or racket".
I got first place! Booyah!
by Kim Siever February 07, 2007
an exclamation of victory after pulling a large pair of testicles out of a woman's (or gay man's) butthole. Made popular in a viral video early in 2005.
(Balls pulled out of asshole, and loud pop is heard)


(Girl screaming in the background)
by BIGDUUURTYD August 30, 2009
it's an soup, chicken and chopped vegetables, cooked overnight in a big steel drum. normally served at church picnics and large gatherings in Northeastern Wisconsin. The origin is Belgium
booyah served at the picnic, takeouts welcome, bring your own container.

St. F has a picnic on Sunday, who makes their booyah?
by Julia June 08, 2004
an exclamatory statement, often said when someone is extremely overjoyed. Often people do a hand movement simultaneously as they say 'Booyah'(clinching fist and thrusting their elbow downward vertically)
I got an A on my chem final. Booyah!
by mullett January 14, 2003
What a balding, middle aged man yells when he discovers the last remaining 40W-30L pair of Dockers marked at 15% off.
"BOOYAH!" shrieked Jonathan as he grabbed the last discounted moca-chocolate pair of 40W-30L Dockers off the remainders table.
by Evan Brooks January 31, 2011
An intense word for the feeling of satisfaction or happiness.
I just got laid, BOOYAH!
by Kluvsta May 03, 2010
Pronounced; (shotgun headshot) Boo-Yah

The sound one makes after a sound whooping is administered in the most surgical of formats. Generally follows Shotgun Mouthwash, Shoryuken, Rocket Launchers, Kung Fu, Mortal Kombat, and other things where, afterwards, your opponent is seriously messed up.
A man bursts out of a door, and blows away a terrorist with a twelve-gauge


kicks corpse down flight of stairs.
by robocarnage November 25, 2009