An annoying exclamation, often uttered by planetarium-headed freshmen who think they're karate kid, often in a high-pitched, grating, nasal tone.
"Boo-yah! I'll slap you!"
by Anarchist October 17, 2003
A word that, in Chinese, means "I'm going to kill you". This was learned by my Chinese tourguide while trying to fend off unwanted vendors, which crowd the streets by day.
"5 Dolla? 5 Dolla???" "No, loser!"
"8 Dollah!" "boo-yah"
-Chinese vendor runs off-
by AbbeyRoade May 29, 2005
A sexual maneuver involving the simultaneous insertion of a man's penis into a woman's vagina and his testicles into her anus. Once this is accomplished, there is nothing left to the maneuver but for the man to remove himself from both orifices whilst exclaiming "Boo-yah!"
Oh yeah, I boo-yah'd that Sandy chick. She knew enough to ask for it by name, too.
by Der Kaiser December 15, 2004

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