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louis tomlinson
his bum is massive, so bootylicious
by 69withharry April 29, 2012
Booty that drives a guy crazy- I loooove a bootylicious baby
she is so bootylicious I would love to knock d 'boots all nite!
by MATIAS "M-DOGG" November 19, 2003
To Have A Nice Sized Ass & A Skinny Waist . Alot Of Rappers Talk About "Bootylicious Bitches" In There Sonqs .
Tyrique : Ayo Did You See That Thick Chick Over There ?
Jerrell : Yea Man That Bitch Is Bootylicious !
by LiilMamaCee May 15, 2010
big old ass that a brother would love to tap!
damn girl you ass is bootylicious, let my pull up to that bumper and smack that monkey
by JC January 07, 2005
adj., distasteful, repellant, just nasty. (this is the original definition; describes something that is metaphorically similar to the taste of butt.) Beyonce has tricked you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the most bootylicious thing about beyonce is her singing.
by haywood jablomey December 20, 2003
A disease filled whore who will give you the greatest sex you've ever had,even though you'll catch the following: Squirel-Aids,Butt cancer,super herpes,and easter vagina.
See also:Lady Gaga,Katy Perry,and Demi Moore are examples of bootylicious or gingervitus of the pussy/and or cock.
by SectionalJones August 10, 2011
Dayum gurl! Bootylicious just entered the room. Oh hell yes he DID!!!!!
by TastyGumdrop October 24, 2010
bootylicious wasnt coined by beyonce or snoop, that term is from the 80s. if any of the people posting on here knew any black people this dictionary would be hella more informative.

it owas originally used in the place where most people now would say, 'that tastes/smells/looks like ass.'
she think she fly, but she just bootylicious. -original meaning

damn, that chick is bootylicious. -current meaning
by rill loudmother August 23, 2004