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Vomitting, especially after alcohol consumption.
"Kim, I feel like I'm gonna bootface." (v.)

"I just booted face all over Eric." (v.)
by Kelly1488 May 31, 2006
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v- to vomit excessively after binge drinking.
That bitch had about 10 drinks!! You should have seen her boot-face all over the patio later that night!!
by chris March 22, 2005
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A person that got to close to the street when doing a bert-slide.
"Are you OK?"
"No! I'm a Boot Face
by Skar August 05, 2007
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One with a face you wouldn't care to kiss... unless you like boots.
After exhanging emails and texts you finally meet the guy only to discover he is not as attractive as one would hope...and in actual fact has a face which resembles a boot AKA Bootface.
by Mrs. Bootface March 24, 2010
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For someone to have a face, the shape of the soul of a shoe or boot.
Trev Jones from Hartlepool has a prime example of a boot face.
by Moe Hartlepool April 21, 2007
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A face that is gruesome, gross, displeasing to the eye, and plain out terrifying.
When watching Ghost Story (1981) you must look away from BOOTFACE!!!
by bobvsjeff February 14, 2017
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