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To be a mad frat chiller, literally Mr. Brosiedon, swoops up fallout newvegas, and coD better then anyone in the midwest, also goes by Mr. Owl.Booshnaw also is very into the hobby of benching regularly benching 400+pounds, he loves to spend his time kissing his bench then ripping out a few sets.
Xboxlive:You've killed every other player.

Beahm: Booshnaw! :)

Bo bo brownnear: Mr. owl dont rape me with your wing!

Beahm: Booshnaw ;p
by Brownbearkilla November 20, 2010

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What Beahm say when he pwns a lamer in CS or ArmyOps.
Kid: OMG you pwned me!
Beahm: Boosh Naw
by TehZeeZee November 11, 2003