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A clumsy female easily mistaken for the Pokemon Pysduck. She is a shade of brownish-yellow with muscular biceps and triceps. If spotted, she is usually drooling or sleeping.
Wow, you're such a Boori.

Way to be clumsy like a Boori.
#clumsy #strong #drool #pokemon #softball #sleep
by J.Gulliel July 10, 2008
To reject someone, done publically and with an "in your face" attitude.
Swalif: I want to smoke sheesha at Edgware road
Field: Yea man, i want to come too
Swalif: Actually i changed my mind, i dont want to go
Field: Why do you always boori me!?
#blank #reject #rude #ignore #boree
by Eye Raki January 11, 2006
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