The combination of the best things in the world--puppies and boobs.
I motorboated a pair of boopies.

I drowned myself in a pair of boopies; it was the best day of my life.
by Water bear July 09, 2011
Top Definition
An endearing term for your attractive girlfriend or female lover.

For short, use "boop"

shawty, honey, baby
My boopie and I enjoyed a romantic dinner out last night.

Will you be my boopie?

Hey yo boop, pass me a beer.
by Ilovemyboopie December 10, 2009
a mistake; or a black mark..
sometimes can be used as a pet name!
Mom, was i a boopie?


look at that boopie you got on your shirt!


hey boopie how are you?
by Nancy Joemama August 07, 2006
The act of grabbing a man's testicles and stretching them to a flat point. and then performing "Raspberry Lips" of the testicles.
Jenny gave me the BEST Boopie last night!
by Mr Potato Masher September 22, 2012
it is when you take a nice body part from one girl and then take another nice body part from another girl and put the body parts together on the same body.
take jessica simpson's tits and beyonces ass and put it together for some boo pie.
by brian turpin December 18, 2004
Something that everyone should have and that everyone wants more of. Boopie can be used as a sex or drug reference, but the ideal boopie is one that references both.
Person 1: "Whose boopie?"
Person 2: "My boopie."
Person 3: "I'll boopie."

Hey, you wanna go for a boopie cruise?
by jbluntz2009 September 02, 2009
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