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Created early september 2004, originates from a heavy night at the gov at rottnest island australia. Its definition is sketchy however it can be applied with several meanings. It means roughly to perform a sexual act, kiss, or party. The last part of the definition can be used to disguise its true meaning the next morning when someone discovers an sms containing "boonst" and reads it out loud to a large group of people.
"come down to the gov and boonst it up with me"
"so did u boonst her last night?"
"Oh yeah i boonst her good"
"yeah caught i up with u know who and we had a little boonst outside the club"
by Hemz Dogga September 15, 2004
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To put a lot of pressure or force upon something, to move at great speed.
He was proper boonsting it along.
The stupid thing stopped working, so we boonsted it.
I'm'a boonst you up, sucka!
by WalnutSack April 09, 2006
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