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Something ...you know....that personifies & Shouts "ME" & itz all about "ME"
John:"So if ur feeling naughty, What do YOU wear?"
Jane:"If I'm feelin' naughty then i'll wear something RAD & LOUD.... something... you know.... BOOMZ!... Something that shouts ME!"
by WOG_sotarK September 28, 2009
1 a Boomz outfit: remarkable, extraordinary, staggering, incredible, outstanding, amazing, astonishing, marvelous, phenomenal, splendid; informal fabulous, fantastic, stunning, tremendous, jaw-dropping. ANTONYMS ordinary.
2 she was looking.. Boomz! See beautiful.

*First coined by Ris Low, ex-Miss Singapore World 2009, during an interview with Strait Times Razor TV.
"If I'm feeling naughty then I'll be wearing something RED and LOUD. Something....you know? BOOMz!"
by imaginetis October 13, 2009